They may be anticipating some action. I have been waiting for President-Elect Trump to take office before taking more serious actions. He is very “pro-disclosure” and very anti “disinformation.” Dr. Ronald Pandolfi who ran the UFO weird desk at the CIA.

Now that Hillary Clinton has been defeated at the polls, her promise to get to the bottom of the government secrecy on UFOs has ended. The stories of some sort of imminent raising of an ET awareness by the government has not.

There is a group of people inside the Pentagon who have come forward, in the last couple of days, who are willing to come forward if they are given the green light by those in the government who control the issue.

If Hillary were asked to elaborate on her knowledge of what happened on UFOs during the Clinton administration, and how the system has kept the secret, it might stir enough controversy to turn the light green.

There is also another move to move the government to open up further on the UFO issue. The famous rocker Tom DeLonge is a big part of this.

I have a source inside the huge number of people that are part of this openness effort. I am aware of the person in Washington who is running it.

When the election was over I asked if the light was still green or if it had turned red. I was told it was still green and bigger than ever, with big names and big money behind it. I was once again pointed to January where there would not be disclosure but a big event.

Sadly, there seems to be no clear intent by any reporter to go down this road for various reasons, so we may just be heading back into the dark ages of knowledge about the UFO subject.

As the researcher who has invested 30 years of research into the relationship between the United States President and UFOs, I have worked a lot to find how Trump fits into the UFO story. Now that he has won the election, the time has come to write about what I have found.

The first thing to mention is that there is very little reliable material that shows a link to Trump and the UFO story, aliens, or extraterrestrial life. All we have is a tweet that indicates he has no interest in the subject.

There is, however, one 31 second video on the internet where Trump is being yelled at about disclosure while he signs hats and posters.


Trump totally ignores the man confronting him.

The reasons that nothing has come up is in part that he has not been asked. The UFO community has a lot of opinions about what American leaders should do about UFOs, but almost no one steps up to ask.

Trump would have been asked in New Hampshire but the way he ran his campaign prevented his taking the question.

Daymond Steer, at the Conway Daily Sun, asked most of the candidates the UFO question but not Trump. He also asked Hillary the UFO question in 2008.

The reason he did not ask Trump had to do with how Trump operated. Every candidate, except Trump, ran a traditional New Hampshire campaign.

The normal political campaign spends 6 months to a year in New Hampshire in an attempt to win and gain momentum as New Hampshire is the second state to vote for the party candidates.

Everyone gets a bus and travels from town to town asking people what people think in town halls and then showing how they are the right person to make everyone’s wishes come true. Every candidate meets with editorial boards of small town newspapers in the state in hopes that they will do a positive article describing the candidate’s platform and qualifications.

Trump did not do this. Trump really didn’t care what anyone thought. He believed he had the answer to everything and had no need to go into a town hall and listen to people on the street. If you don’t believe this just remember that Trump said, he knew more about Isis than the Generals.

The way Trump operated in New Hampshire (and in every other state) was to fly in an hour before a speech in his Boeing 757 and then in the case of New Hampshire fly back to New York after the event.

Therefore, Trump never appeared in the Conway Daily Sun newsroom where he would have faced the question.

Trump and Space

Trump has been pointed out has made no reference to UFOs or the search for extraterrestrial life in outer space. He has made some speeches on space, and he has expressed support for manned exploration of the solar system, rather than satellites flying around the weather studying things like weather. This position has already been adopted by Republicans in Congress who have slowed progress and funding in this area for years.

There will, therefore, probably be a cutback in the Nasa Earth science programs. “I will free NASA from the restriction of serving primarily as a logistics agency for low-Earth orbit activity,” Trump told a Sanford, Florida audience in October.

Trump made one major speech on space in the final days of the campaign in Florida where he promised jobs and big things in space. It is clear from the speech that he was reading from a teleprompter so it was apparent it was written for him. He proposed deep space manned missions, jobs, and an effort to compete with Russia and China who were very active in space.

Speaking off the cuff as he often does his promotion of space policy and NASA is a little less promotional, such as the time on the campaign trail when he told a 10-year-old that fixing potholes was a more pressing problem than anything NASA-related.

The man who probably wrote it was Robert Walker who was the former chairman of the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space and Technology and former chairman of the Commission on the Future of the U.S. Aerospace Industry. He was brought in to the Trump campaign to serve as the campaign’s space policy advisor.

In an interview after Trump’s victory Walker wrote in an article he co-authored out on the cutbacks in store for SLS – NASA earth science program. NASA “has been largely reduced to a logistics agency concentrating on space station resupply and politically correct environmental monitoring,” wrote Walker.

Trump and the aliens

There are no common ideas between aliens and Trump. As hard as I looked I could find nothing Trump believes that the aliens would agree with.

Some might contend that we do not know what aliens believe and this is so. The argument is based on best available evidence. Everything is based on belief, despite many who “believe” they know and others believe.

People believe the world is round, Kennedy was shot by a lone assassin, science provides proof, there is no 911 conspiracy, UFO sighting can provide the answer to the UFO mystery, Richard Doty was behind the entire MJ-12 story that involves almost 20 years and thousands of pages of documents, all UFO government leaks are disinformation to throw off the Russians, skepticism is a required element of the scientific method, Hillary and Obama are demons from hell who smell like sulfur, and the list goes on.

As much as possible I have tried to use data from the experiencer survey conducted by The Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Experiences (FREE) which involves 2,500 experiencer survey replies. This is disputed by some skeptics as just people who believe they are experiencers.

This skepticism does not change the value of the FREE evidence because the criticism is just a skeptic who believes the experiencers just believe they are experiencers. The skeptics forget that they too are basing their conclusion on belief, so we have the belief of 2,500 versus the belief of one person. It is obvious which is the most compelling evidence.

The argument is also based on what the best evidence we have of what Trump believes as opposed to what he says. This is a bit of a guess as Trump has been known to present different statements on the same subject within days of each other.

1.Nuclear Weapons

Aliens- One of the key concerns of the aliens appears to be nuclear weapons. They seemed to have appeared in mass number after we detonated the first nuclear weapon in 1945. Most of the early contactees spoke of messages they were getting from the aliens to stop the nuclear tests.

They have been seen over nuclear weapons areas on bases and at main storage sites such as the Manzano Weapons storage are outside of Kirkland Air Force Base. They have shut down and turned on nuclear weapons in both the United States and Russia.

Others have gotten images that may be related to nuclear weapons. Emily Trim, an eight-year-old, and one of the 62 school children that witnessed a UFO land on the edge of the playground at the Ariel school in Rhodesia in 1994 spoke about the messages she received through the eyes of the being. They were all related to the good and bad uses of technology and how humans could do better.

Telepathic images started going across my face … communication through the eyes … that’s all I can really describe it as. It was just image after image after image. One of the other girls standing beside me, she got more communication about the environment, and, for me, mine was more technology uses and [inaudible] uses of technology.

Trim did not remember any of the specific images except the last image which was a big explosion. The 1994 experience, and a second dramatic encounter with the being three years ago in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada has left her shaken.

Following the second encounter, she suddenly was drawn to paint and has done 100 images that have alien symbols and messages from the aliens.

Trump – Trump has exhibited a completely contrary view to this alien position. He has supported a nuclear proliferation policy stating that he thought more countries should have nuclear weapons such as Japan, South Korea, and maybe even Saudi Arabia. This, reasoned Trump, would make the cost of America defending the world less costly. (Trump has now denied ever saying this)

In a story by MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, he stated that while Trump was speaking with a “foreign policy expert,” he repeatedly asked, “why can’t we use nuclear weapons.”

In a debate hosted by Chris Matthews March 31, 2016, Trump hypothesized about using nuclear weapons, “Somebody hits us within ISIS — you wouldn`t fight back with a nuke?… why are we making them? Why do we make them?”

He added that the possible use of nuclear weapons would include Europe which is a big place, “Europe is a big place. I’m not going to take cards off the table. We have nuclear capability. Now, our capability is going down rapidly because of what we’re doing. It’s in bad shape.”

Speaking to Mark Halperin at CBS, Trump expanded on nuclear weapons and Isis, “at a minimum, I want them to think maybe we would use it, OK?”


Aliens – There are many indications from experiencers, who are the closest connection we have to the beings, that the oneness message is a key principle they would like us to learn. 54% of the 2,500 experiencers who answered the FREE survey, reported that the felt “at one with the Universe” during their ET encounter. 54% of the 1054 people who answered the question stated ETs “gave a message of Love or of Oneness.”

This oneness message, as it relates to UFOs, was also popularized by President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev during their meeting in November 1985.

The message (that Reagan put out almost a half dozen times) of the one world government sends chills up the spine of most Americans. It may be one of the main roadblocks to American government disclosure as selling the idea that Americans are not really special, but “all God’s children” as Reagan put it. Likewise, getting the rest of the world to believe that America will be special among equals would be an equally hard sell.

The conversation was found in the Memorandum of conversations found in NSA files stated,

He said that previous to the General Secretary’s remarks, he had been telling Foreign Minister Shevardnadze (who was sitting to the President’s right) that if the people of the world were to find out that there was some alien life form that was going to attack the Earth approaching on Halley’s Comet, then that knowledge would unite all the peoples of the world.

Further, the President observed that General Secretary Gorbachev had cited a Biblical quotation, and the President is also alluding to the Bible, pointed out that Acts 16 refers to the fact that “we are all of one blood regardless of where we live on the Earth,” and we should never forget that.

It is also a message that was given by Kennedy when he said, “In the final analysis out the most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breath the same air, we all cherish our children’s future, and we are all mortal.” Many of the experiencers have also relayed a message of oneness from the aliens.

  • George Adamski, who was the first person in November 1952 to be public about talking to an alien spoke about the oneness message he had been given by his alien visitors, “Always, you are One, you are All, as a centralized point of being, Undying, unchanging – and the Consciousness, Cause, and the Action – evolving, transmuting a form to a unified state of awareness.”
  • Sherry Wilde, author of the book “The Forgotten Promise” about her life of experiences with a being she knows as Da started that starting at the age of five Da started teaching her three key lessons that she was to learn. She would be tested about them every time she was with them. The first and most important lesson was “We are one with our creator.”
  • Gene Roddenberry, Creator of Star Trek, channeled Tom, a spokesman for The Council of Nine. Tom stated, “But we would say to you, yes, we are in connection with one that is higher, but in totality together we are one, as all the universe is one….”
  • Bret Oldham, author of his lifelong alien encounter in a book called “Children of the Grays,” asked the alien in control of his abduction about God and was told, “We are one with the One, who is all.”

The alien model also seems to be closely aligned with the world of quantum physics, a scientific paradigm that has replaced the old Newtonian physics model as closer to reality. Within this new model, we see non-locality rather than local causation. We see oneness versus separation. There appears to be a fundamental unity of a holographic universe first proposed by physicist David Bohm as the implicate order. Cells in the body communicating on a non-local level, and brain memories appear to also exhibit non-locality and oneness.

Trump – The Trump model of the world is the materialistic evolutionary model represented by the capitalist economic theory. It is a model where things are not one and connected but separate random objects in time and space. It is a model dominated by competition as opposed to cooperation. This is a rape, pillage, and steal model, where the one with the most toys when he/she dies is considered the winner.

The model extended from individuals to countries by Trump in his America first foreign policy speech.

My foreign policy will always put the interests of the American people and American security above all else. It has to be first. Has to be. That will be the foundation of every single decision that I will make.

As opposed to the Clinton campaign slogan of stronger together, the Trump model is one where America uses every tactic at its disposal to win. The Mexicans, Chinese, Canadians, and other countries become competitors trying to steal American jobs.

Trade deals designed to work together with other countries have to be ripped up or renegotiated to get a better deal for America. Military alliances are no more if America has to pay. The new rule becomes an isolationist model where everyone is separate and must fend for themselves.

The Trump world is one of the blacks versus the police, brave Americans versus evil Arabs, and hard working capitalists versus lazy economy destroying socialists.

It is a world where race becomes a critical separating factor. Thus he picks as his political strategist, Stephen Bannon, who was called a “champion of racial division” by the Senate Minority leader. Most significantly it is a world the new law of the land enables children a Middle School in Royal Oak, Michigan to chant “build the wall…build the wall” as their Latinos classmates cry and are forced to listen.

The Trump world is a world of perceived separation where it is me versus you, perceived good versus bad, rich versus poor, able versus disabled, strong versus weak. The successful enjoy and the unsuccessful suffer.

Even his campaign was operated on a principle of separation. Hillary, the media, and Republican leaders all became opponents who were trying to attack and destroy Trump.

In the end, the whole country was dragged into the separation view of the country. The two political parties resorted to winning based on the evils of the opposition. Family members became pitted against each other, and the whole country is now in a pre-Syria condition. The only thing that differs in the United States is that the two opposing groups have not started killing each other and they are doing in Syria.

3.Material Possessions

Aliens- Based on the stories told by experiencers who have encountered the aliens and have been on their ships, the aliens don’t appear to have anything of physical value. There are no reports of aliens with gold or jewelry.

Trump – In the Trump worldview money and possessions are the measurements of happiness and achievement. Trump defends, and plans to extend, a world where it is justifiable for 4% of the population of the world to control up to 30% of the world’s resources, and still demand more. It is a worldview model where Trump lives in a 30,000-square-foot $100 million-dollar apartment while 66 million refugees wander the world with no apartment or country to call home.

4.Political System

Aliens – The description of the alien political system would closely be reflective of an Israeli kubutz, or a Hutterite Colony. The aliens work in what has often been described as a hive environment. Each being on the ship has a job which works to achieve the job at hand. There does not seem to be a class structure. It closely resembles the ideological communist underlying philosophy, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Aliens – The aliens are without a doubt left wing socialists or ideological communists. They have been described by many as existing in a hive type social structure where there is no hierarchy except by job. Everyone simply does their job. There are no reports of any material possessions. There are no descriptions of aliens with gold jewelry, designer clothes. There is no fancy furniture. Everything on the ship appears to be functional to the job they are doing.


Aliens – By far and away the environment is the biggest difference in the beliefs between Donald Trump and the aliens.

The FREE survey of people who claimed to have encountered the intelligence behind the UFO phenomena claims that it is a key concern. The following question was answered by 1034 people, “Did the ETs give you an environmental message regarding Earth?” 39% stated yes. [1]

1207 experiencer answered the question of how their concern with ecological matters had changed because of their contact experience. 79% said it had increased strongly or somewhat.

There are scores of experiencers who report some sort of catastrophe or change that is coming to the Earth and most relate it to the environment. Experiencers report that they are being trained for something. Of the 1134 people who answered 30% replied yes to the question, “Have you had contact with an ET in which you were asked to do something, or agree to do something, for them in the future?”

There are a couple, like Sherry Wilde, who have told me stories of a giant wave that will wash over the United States coming out of the Pacific. Experiencer, author, TV personality, and a host of the #1 radio talk show in Las Vegas told me that the vision she had experienced was an event where she could smell and taste in a real-time vision of the future where there were dead bodies everywhere. She felt that the number of dead totaled a billion and that the event appeared to be a flood. The aliens gave her a message saying, “This is what it may take for you people to get the message.”

Trump- Trump is against laws to protect the environment as he thinks the regulations hurt business. The idea is related to the materialistic model that the Earth is to be used as a resource.

This is despite Trump and two of his children signing a letter that was placed in the New York Times by a large group of business leaders in the eve of the Copenhagen Climate Summit in December 2009. The letter stated, “If we fail to act now, it is scientifically irrefutable that there will be catastrophic and irreversible consequences for humanity and our planet.”

Now Trump is on record as saying that he would cancel the EPA saying when asked what departments he would cut, “Environmental Protection, what they do is a disgrace. Every week they come out with new regulations…We’ll be fine with the environment.”[2]

Trump has openly claimed that global warming is a conspiracy started by China to slow down American business. He defends the use of asbestos claiming that the move to ban it  “was led by the mob, because it was often mob-related companies that would do the asbestos removal.”[3]

Wind turbines that are promoted by those who feel that the ecological situation is bad, are described by Trump as “expensive,” “doesn’t work well,” “detrimental to tourism,” and they “kill all your birds. All your birds, killed.”

6. Nationalism-

Aliens – Seem clearly to want the one world where we “all come together” as described by Reagan in his alien invasion 1987 United Nations speech. The oneness model.

Trump – View is America first. Other countries are enemies or competitors. They have to be concurred or defeated. The separation paradigm.


Aliens -Even when it appears there is a connection there is not. An example would be that both Trump and the aliens seem to have a great obsession with sex. A close look however indicates that even this is not common.

Trump – Trump has an interest in sex for self-gratification and the alien obsession with sex seems to be related to reproductive sex.

8.The Sole Commonality

Strangely about the only minor similarities between Trump and the aliens have to do with habits and not beliefs. Two that can be sighted are food and sleep.

Trump does not seem to be interested in high dining. He apparently eats a lot of fast food believing that eating is only a necessity and minimal time should be allocated to doing it.

Likewise, the aliens also do not appear to have an interest in food. In fact, there are almost no reports of them eating which (along with a couple of other reported observations) indicates that they might not even be flesh and blood aliens.

Trump claims that he only sleeps a few hours a night, and this has a parallel with aliens from reports which tend to indicate they don’t sleep at all. There are no known reports that I am aware of.

The two similarities may not mean much because reports of aliens not eating or sleeping also go along with reports that they can change from one form of being to another instantly, and that they do not seem to age. This would indicate that they may no actually be ETs but etheric beings that can take on apparent physical bodies.

Will Trump Disclose?

Donald Trump is a big believer in conspiracies. He is backed by the National Enquirer to the point that they paid $150,000 to kill a story about an affair Trump had with a former Playmate of the Year. There is, therefore, a chance that he will suddenly reveal saying something like, “I told you it was a rigged system. Look at what I discovered once I gained control.”

There are a few things that indicate that he will do nothing different than the past 13 presidents who have dealt with the issue, either because the president doesn’t know, or because there are legitimate reasons to cover it up.

Firstly, Trump had James Woolsey as his intelligence adviser during his run for president and Woolsey, as I pointed out in an entire chapter in my Clinton UFO Storybook, had his own daylight UFO sightings, and is well aware of the situation with the government UFO issue.

Despite the fact that Trump had him on his staff, Trump did not suddenly come forward to announce the ET presence.

The same goes for the present situation where Trump, as president-elect, has been given the big intelligence briefings on the biggest secrets inside the government, including the really big one that according to former Vice-President Dan Quayle, they never put on paper. Some of these secrets are very unnerving as the Washington Times pointed out.

In 2008, after then-President-elect Obama was given one sensitive intelligence briefing at a secure facility in Chicago, he joked, “It’s good that there are bars on the windows here because if there weren’t, I might be jumping out.”

Despite the briefing, Trump has remained quiet about UFOs and all the other big secrets held by the government. He has not talked about any of them or even hinted at their existence.

Lastly, since winning the election Trump has given an indication that secrecy will be employed by his administration as it is by most White House. The reason for this is that secrecy is power. You release what works to your advantage and you bury the mistakes.

He has requested Top Secret security clearances for his family which will protect what is said between them. This is an extension of the secrecy that Trump used as a businessman where most of the key people who worked for him were made to assign non-disclosure agreements.

Even volunteers on the Trump campaign had to agree to a strict 2,271-word nondisclosure agreement which prevented them from criticizing Trump, his family, or any of his businesses.

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